Best Plasma TV for the Holidays

So let’s hope Santa (or Mrs. Santa) is in a generous mood and brings a Plasma Television for a present this year. Unfortunately I’m not sure how many of those will fit in the sleigh, but if you are in the market for a new Plasma TV, here is our current recommendation:

Why, you ask, oh inquisitive one..?

Pioneer has made significant picture quality advancements with this particular product line. The most noteworthy being the display of black levels. On plasma TVs, dark or black areas of a picture tend to have too much light, essentially removing image detail. The Kuros handle this much better and return the low level detail as the original film intends to show - something that is highly noticeable when you do a comparison.

Also of note is the reduction of motion blur, another issue that has hampered Plasma displays in the past. A quick way to check this would be by viewing a sporting event with fast motion such as a football or basketball game.

Keep in mind that this is also a product that fits in the “you get what you pay for” category, as they are not the most inexpensive plasmas on the market.

Note: The technology industry changes on what seems like a weekly basis, so check back for any updates in the future.