Introducing the Clark Brothers

I’m not the biggest fan of all the reality shows out there, but I do keep an eye on them. It’s my constant search for the elusive gem – that diamond in the rough. Courtesy of Fox’s The Next Great American Band, I’ve found one…

The Clark Brothers

Spending years in the music business, you develop an eye for when something or someone is real and when it is contrived. These guys are the real deal folks..!

Coming from a large family with a spiritual background, Ashley, Austin and Adam Clark have great humility to go along with their heartfelt and intense musical talent. The performances and emotion are real. No faux-rock star persona here.

Where this gets difficult is in trying to describe to you their musical style. Sort of a heavy Appalachian folk rock… sort of. OK, I give up. Listen for yourself. Here is a link to You Tube and a listing of Clark Brothers clips. My personal favorite is their cover of Gimme Shelter by the Stones. Listen to a few of these and let me know what you think.

I promise that the Connoisseur will definitely add their first CD to the collection. Let’s just hope the record industry doesn’t ruin these guys…