Dial 911 for Extreme!!!

No, no, no..! Put the phone down. We’re talking cars here.

Cars built in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

One car specifically: The Porsche 911 GT2 – the baddest, meanest 911 of them all..!

Take one part 911 Turbo, but add 50 more horsepower. Now sprinkle in one part 911 GT3, with its lightweight boy-racer philosophy. Shake well, and you have the GT2 monster. Combine that extra power along with 230 pounds less weight than the turbo and you begin to get the picture.

Sure, this car can be driven on the street at sane speeds, but it was built for the track with a user adjustable suspension and electronically controlled struts wired directly into the active suspension management (PASM) system.

If you are a true Porschephile and have a deep wallet, we suggest that you place an order. This is a truly amazing automobile and the ultimate 911. We also highly recommend that you pay for a few high performance driving school sessions before the car arrives to better reign in this beast from Germany!