Smooth and Gorgeous Audi S5

Having been out of the mid-size coupe game for several years, Audi is back with a vengeance!

With the arrival of the high-zoot S5 this past fall and the smaller engined A5 this spring, there is now another choice for those in the market for the sporty GT style of vehicle. The main competitors would be the Mercedes CLK, which is due for an update soon, as well as the new BMW 3 series coupe.

And now for the really nerdy tech part (you can skip over this if you prefer): The S5 is powered by a 4.2 L V-8 generating 354 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. Power is delivered to all four wheels and the transmission is available in 6-speed manual or automatic.

(End of nerdy section)

Upon seeing this car for the first time I was impressed by its striking looks – pictures do not do it justice. The S5 is one of those cars when viewed from any angle has presence and flow of design. The interior is up to the task as well, meeting Audi’s recent standards for design and build quality. The leather sport seats are a delight to both the eye and the touch in high quality Napa leather.

All the lust factor options are available, such as Audi’s MMI controlled navigation screen and an audiophile grade Bang & Olufsen 14 speaker, 505 watt sound system.

And does this sexy coupe drive as good as it looks? Yes! With plenty of smoothly delivered power on tap throughout the rev range and a better steering feel than recent Audis, you will be pleased.

And now for the negatives: This car drinks gas! If you want to be a miser at the fuel pump, look elsewhere. Our other area of contention is the price, starting at $50,500. Audi has stiff competition in this niche, and because of that fact we feel they would have drawn even more interest with pricing a bit lower. Only time will tell if it will be a sales success for the four rings.

Negatives aside, the Connoisseur loves this car and gives it an enthusiastic recommended rating!