Connoisseur Favorites: Easy Poached Eggs

Why did the chicken cross the road..?

I have no idea whatsoever, but I sure enjoy poached eggs!

In the latest of our series of Favorites – items/gadgets that we really like – let me introduce you to this little gem: the Lamson EggShell silicone egg poacher.

If you are a fan of eggs benedict, or poached eggs in general, this is a must have for the kitchen. It just plain works! No more messing with dropping the eggs in simmering water and vinegar, trying to keep things neat and tidy.

I know what you’re thinking – sounds like the Connoisseur is straying from his purist ways. Well, sometimes “ya gotta do what ya gotta do”!

Simply break the egg into the silicon container, float the container in the water for the desired amount of time and there you have it – your perfect poached egg.

A great addition to your kitchen and your eggs will be happy..!