Aston Martin’s Baby Grows Up

British Automaker Aston Martin’s entry level model, the V8 Vantage, is being updated 3 years after arriving on the scene.

This competitor to the Porsche 911 will receive several improvements, the most notable being a bump in engine displacement from 4.3 to 4.7 liters. The increase results in a 40 horsepower gain up to 420 and a corresponding torque boost of 44 lb-ft, now totaling 346. Aston even expects a slight increase in fuel economy…


Both the manual and Sportshift transmissions are being revised, as is the suspension and steering geometry. In total, these changes give us improved driving dynamics and add to the overall thrilling experience that the Vantage supplies.

Aesthetically they left the exterior of the car alone other than a new wheel design – a good thing being that the Vantage is already one of the sexiest cars on the planet. The interior is tweaked a bit with a revamped center console and navigation system.

With an estimated base price nearing $120,000, this refreshed beauty is due at dealerships in August.

We like the V8 Vantage quite a bit… In fact, let’s just say that we love this car. If you are in the market for something a bit more exclusive than the 911, put this car on your short list. Connoisseur Recommended..!