Emirates Palace Million Dollar Getaway

You know that million dollars burning a hole in your wallet..? And that week on your calendar sitting empty, waiting to be filled..?

I’ve got just the ticket…!

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi has put together what is to our knowledge, the first ultra-lux Million Dollar Package.

The hotel is the logical place to create such a getaway. It is, after all, located in the richest city in the world and the property itself is purported to be the most expensive hotel ever built at a cost of over 3 billion US dollars. 302 rooms, 92 suites, 11 restaurants and bars, pools, a spa and an interior resplendent in gold and marble are just some of the amenities.

And now for the million dollar question…

What exactly do you get for your…meeel-euhn dollerz?

A bunch..!

Let’s start with first class round trip airfare on Etihad Airlines. Throw in 7 nights stay in a 680 sq meter (that’s over 7,000 sq ft) Palace Suite – all inclusive. Your own chauffeur driven Maybach is ready as needed.

Other indulgences include daily spa treatments at the hotel spa, a deep sea fishing trip, a visit to the perfume experts at YAS perfume to create your own fragrance, and a gift package including pearls from Robert Wan and sport rifles from Holland and Holland.

Let’s top it all off with three private jet day trips to:

· Iran to create your own Persian rug from the world’s most exclusive maker.
· Jordan’s Dead Sea to experience the sea and an afternoon day spa.
· Bahrain for a deep-sea pearl expedition. Your pearl is then set in custom designed jewelry.

How’s that for an unforgettable week..? A deluxe visit to be sure…