Porsche Design Is At It Again

German automaker Porsche’s Design Team keeps itself busy. Sure, they work on cars and SUVs, but the team has a long history of collaboration on projects outside the company. Here are a couple of the most recent examples: one for the kitchen and one for the bathtub…er, ocean.

A venture with electronics giant Siemens has yielded, of all things, a toaster. An efficient quartz heating element, automatic bread slice adjustments, cool-wall technology and a spaceship design aesthetic are all present and accounted for in what is certainly the…”Porsche of toasters”.

And now for the ocean: How does a 135 foot catamaran sound? In partnership with Royal Falcon Fleet, Porsche Design has crafted the RFF 135, one sharp looking yacht! RFF’s website states: “Her unique, space-aged, contemporary design makes her unmistakably a piece of modern architecture. The design's main focus is to indulge the customer with unmatched performance, comfort, space and luxury that suits a high-end lifestyle.” We couldn’t agree more.

The 135 is in final engineering phase at present, with construction to begin in the near future. We can’t wait to see one on the water…