Canadian Club 30 Year Old

We introduced you to Canadian Club whisky a while back. A Canadian whisky that the Connoisseur considers a must have for the well stocked bar.

Well, it turns out that it is time to celebrate in the great white north. Canadian Club is having a 150th birthday. And like any milestone birthday, one must celebrate..!

To commemorate this milestone, Canadian Club is releasing a limited edition 30 Year Reserve whisky. Priced at $200/bottle, the first 150 bottles will be numbered for the ultimate in collectability. Only 3,000 bottles will be made available.

Now for the important stuff…how does this fine product taste?

Like velvet..!

30 years of aging provides a smooth, luxurious oak character along with hints of spice and dried fruit followed by a long, warm finish.

Sounds like a reason to track down a bottle and join the celebration..!