Zoombak GPS Locator for the Paranoid

…or distrustful…or whatever.

Just kidding folks! You don’t have to be the owner of mental issues to want one of these slick little devices.

The Zoombak is a diminutive (about the size of a box of matches) GPS locator that can be monitored real-time via your computer or cell phone. It can even send emails or text messages when it arrives at a pre-determined location.

Want to monitor your teenager in their driving years? How about keeping an eye on the family dog? Maybe a bicycle or briefcase needs a watchful (electronic) eye. Anything you can think of is fair game.
Three models are currently available from Zoombak:

Car and Family locator – You guessed it! Designed specifically for vehicle monitoring, this kit includes a car charger as well as wall charger, 12 volt charger and installation kit. $249.99 plus monthly fee

Dog locator – Rover will never be lost again. Complete with the requisite wall charger and a pouch collar attachment. $199.99 plus monthly fee

Universal locator – This one fits the “anything you can think of” category. Car and wall chargers are included. $199.99 plus monthly fee

Not only is technology fun, but it can be useful as well. These GPS units are a great little product. Connoisseur Recommended!