Devilsound DAC and the Audiophile Future

Computers are on a collision course with the audiophile world.

(Along with everything else on the planet)

Lossless music files on your computer are fast becoming the rage (more on this in upcoming blogs). These are not your standard compressed and inaccurate mp3 or AAC (iTunes) files. “Lossless” meaning that it is an exact and complete copy of the original. The above mentioned audiophile world is now taking these lossless files and replacing actual CDs and CD players with computers, or some form thereof.

What’s a DAC..?

To take these lossless audio files and get them to your stereo and then your anxiously awaiting ears, you need to convert the digital signal to analog. This is the job of the DAC – digital to analog converter.

As this is a burgeoning technology for the audiophile world, many manufacturers are just now beginning work on new products to meet demand. It’s a new world for these companies and it will take a while for them to hone these products and get them up to the standards of the golden-eared folks among us. In the mean time, I have a product to bridge the gap.

This is an all-in-one product that is way up on the ease-of-use scale. A USB connector on one end for the computer, good quality RCA cables on the other end to attach to the stereo gear, and the DAC in the middle. One piece to plug-n-play…very slick! The folks at Devilsound even have a quick guide to ripping (recording) lossless audio files.

For the very reasonable price of $279 you can get 90% of the quality you are looking for right now from your computer. Then simply wait until the audio market shakes itself out and then purchase the DAC of your dreams.

Who knows? Maybe the Devilsound DAC will end up being your dream come true…


I know NIN has lossless versions, but, do you know of any other musicians or services that provide lossless formats?

There are several musicians jumping on the bandwagon including Dave Matthews, Metallica, Pearl Jam and Primus to name a few. There are also many music labels and stores that can be good sources. Do a search for .FLAC and you should find some nice options.