New iPod Shuffle

What is smaller than an AA battery, can hold 1,000 songs, costs less than $80 and talks to you..?

Yes, Apple’s 3rd generation iPod Shuffle, introduced last week, would qualify as the answer to the question above.

I have to admit, while we aren’t the biggest Apple proponents in these parts, this new gadget is pretty slick. 4 GB of storage should get you through the day…week…er, month. You can even set up multiple playlists to suit your mood.

And about this talking thing…

Apple calls it “VoiceOver”. With the touch of a button the iPod Shuffle will dip the music volume and a voice inform you of the artist and title. VoiceOver can even speak your playlists, so you can switch between them without looking. And for the cherry on top, the talking iPod even converses in 14 different languages.

Did I mention the diminutive size here? 1.8” tall by 0.3 inches thin – you might call it a micro-mini music mite..!

At a retail price of $79, the new iPod shuffle is a no-brainer for those of you looking to make the iPod leap. The unit comes in silver or black.