Reyka – The Vodka of Iceland

Iceland…home of glaciers, geysers and puffins is now also the proud home of…


Yes it’s true! This country of less than half a million inhabitants is now an exporter of spirits. Reyka Vodka, to be specific.

This is one vodka that definitely has the influence of its surroundings built in. A real sense of terroir, as they say in the wine world. The water used is drawn from a lava field some 4,000 years old and after distillation, the vodka is filtered through (what else?) lava rock. The distillery even draws power from a supply of geothermal steam. All this should be enough to add a little Icelandic character.

Our tasting notes on Reyka show it to actually be fairly straightforward with minimal nose but some peppery spice on the palate and a slight hint of lemon as well. The initial bite from a room temperature taste is mellowed with chilling.

All in all a nice vodka at a reasonable price. Don’t let a fear of Bjork scare you from trying a bottle for your own taste test.