Best Months to Fly

Some people love to fly. Others hate it. Some folks absolutely refuse to ever get on a plane in the first place. (Can you say John Madden?) Whatever the case, most of us really enjoy some form of travelling…the vacation, the getaway.

Flying has certainly lost some of the glamour and luster that it once possessed, but it remains the best way to cross the miles in a hurry.

While doing some research on airline statistics, we noted a trend regarding performance of on-time, delayed and cancelled flights. In looking at these major categories as reported by the Department of Transportation, all three reflect on a yearly basis that the April-May timeframe as well as September-October are the most favorable times to fly. The main reason for the indicated trend would appear to be mild weather patterns across the county at those times of the year.

And just to comfort those of you not flying during the above listed months, the yearlong performance as a whole is on an upward trend. Good news for all the business travelers and jet-setters out there.

For the number crunchers among us, those improved numbers for the first three months of 2009 are as follows:

1,578,171 total flight operations

79.23% on-time arrivals

18.64% delayed arrivals

1.91% cancellations

Let’s hope the numbers continue to improve. Chose your months wisely and get your tickets now..!