Harmonia Mundi Means Classical

Well, not literally. The Latin term translates to something akin to “world harmony”, but that’s not what we are here for.

Today we are talking about the little record company that could…

In case you haven’t noticed, not all is well in the record industry. They of course, would like to thank the computer industry and the advent of .mp3 music files for their woes. Even classical music sales were down some 30% this past year. Harmonia Mundi was able to buck that trend with 9% growth over the same period.

And now it’s obvious question time: How are they able to do it..?

The answer, when boiled down to its core, is really very simple…passion. Company owners Bernard Coutaz and wife Eva appear to have a passion for classical music, as opposed to the record industry. This shows in their commitment to the musicians and the quality of the recordings and performances. There is also an affinity for period instruments and settings as well as recording music that hasn’t been done over and over. This philosophy has kept their catalog fresh and their customers returning.

Whether you are a long time classical music lover or a newbie wanting to explore this musical genre, pick up a few titles from Harmonia Mundi and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

High quality and highly recommended..!