The Best for Blu-Ray: Oppo BDP-83

So you have a DVD player at home and a nice Hi-def television…a little surround sound for that full movie experience. Of course the next step up from DVD technology is Blu-Ray with its full High-definition movies and lossless audio. Is it worth purchasing the equipment to move up in technology?


I talked about Blu-ray and Hi-def audio a bit here, and also discussed some of the Blu-Ray players that I would recommend in the lower price range, say around $250, give or take… While buying a Blu-ray player in this price range will get the job done to a certain degree, they all have a weakness in some area. Whether it is speed of operation, build quality, limited capability… none of them are immune. Except for one…

Let me get right to the crux of the matter here… If you value quality, this is THE player to purchase…PERIOD!

“Why Marty, why? Shouldn’t I just get one of those Sony or Panasonic players? Those name brands that everybody knows?”

Here’s the deal… Oppo Digital is based in Mountain View, California. Pretty much all they do is engineer and build disc players and they do it well. With the BDP-83 you get excellent build quality and top- notch audio and video performance, equaling or besting players costing several times more. And it is a “universal player”, meaning it essentially will play anything you can throw at it. Nice..! The company even has excellent customer service – the cherry on top!

Enough said... If you are looking to buy a Blu-Ray player, buy this one and you will not regret it. The Oppo is available online directly from Oppo digital or from vendors such as Amazon. The price is $499.00 and well worth every penny. Highly recommended..!