Tequila Reserva de los Gonzalez Anejo

I am going to put this one in the “hard to find but worth the effort” category. Especially for those anéjo tequila lovers out there.

I have talked at length on tequila in the past. If you need a quick tequila primer, click here.

As for the Gonzalez Anejo, it just so happens that the sons of Don Julio Gonzalez are responsible. If you are even a moderate tequila fan you have surely heard of Don Julio tequila. The family has been crafting fine tequilas for a long time. Eduardo and Francisco Gonzalez (the sons) craft Tequila Reserva de los Gonzalez as a sort of family history or tribute. In their words…

“Only with time, knowledge, and recognition, we transform the nectars of the Blue Agave into the most exclusive Tequila to share with you. In this bottle is our history, Reserva de los Gonzalez…”

Unfortunately that “hard to find…” label comes in to play. Your best bet may be to locate a good tequila vendor on your next trip south of the border. If you just want a sample, track down a top shelf tequila bar such as Tommy’s in San Francisco. Your efforts will be well rewarded – this is one fine tequila!


You're right about this one! Although is not that difficult to find here in México, but some other brands are, and they are definitely worth the search. I'm talking about alebrijes and tequila amor mío, just for saying a few names, but I insist are worth the search!