2011 Porsche Cayenne Appears

Porsche’s polarizing Cayenne SUV is set to debut in second generation form. This revision is from the ground up and corrects what were many of the previous generation’s faults.

In realizing the Cayenne should have more of an on-road bias, the reduction in off-road mechanical bits has helped the engineers shave a few hundred pounds from the previous model. Less weight equals better performance and improved fuel efficiency. All this despite a slight increase in both length and width over the previous model.

Another point of dissatisfaction was the Cayenne’s design. Fortunately both the exterior and interior appear to have been greatly improved. The outside aesthetic reveals a sleeker SUV with more sporting intentions, befitting of a Porsche. The interior is vastly improved as well, with many design cues coming from the recently introduced Panamera sedan.

Being that we are talking about a Porsche, it’s time to chat about powerplants. There will be four engine options on the new edition. The “entry-level” Cayenne gets a 300-hp V6 which will get you to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds according to the manufacturer. The Cayenne S model ups the ante with a V8 producing 400-hp. The speed fiends among you will appreciate the Cayenne Turbo, a twin-turbocharged V8 good for 500 raging horsepower. The final option is for the greenies out there… a hybrid that touts a 333-hp supercharged V6 engine along with a 47-hp electric motor. Performance is said to be on par with the Cayenne S. Mileage figures for the model range have not been released as of this writing.

All-in-all I really like the work of the team at Zuffenhausen. You will see the new Cayenne in showrooms in July, with the exception being the hybrid which has an expected fall arrival.