Perrier-Jouet Celebrates 200 Years

Residing in the Épernay region of Champagne, the house of Perrier-Jouët is celebrating 200 years of production!

That’s a lot of champagne..!

While not the oldest – Roederer and Moët-Chandon preceded – Perrier-Jouët is certainly regarded in the same category of top flight champagne producers.

The story began in 1811 when newlyweds Pierre Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adélaïde Jouët put forth their first bottle unto the bubbly-swilling public. Two centuries hence, production is in the range of 3,000,000 bottles per anum.

How should you celebrate 200 years of champagne production?

The folks at Perrier-Jouet are producing 200 special magnums of course. But that’s too simple, isn’t it? 100 champagne lovers will be able to purchase two-bottle lots, which will be contained in a white Daniel Arsham sculpture with a design reflecting the flowers from the label of the Perrier-Jouet flagship cuvee Belle Epoque. A green plaque commemorating the occasion resides on each sculpture.

The idea behind two bottles is that the purchaser will enjoy one and the second will be passed down for generations.

An appropriately grand idea, providing somebody doesn’t get too thirsty and drink bottle number two prematurely..!