Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Custom Reverso

Today we are going to discuss high-end luxury watches. More specifically the Swiss brand Jaeger-LeCoultre. Or for you ultra-cool hipsters, “JLC”.

In 1833 a Swiss gent by the name of Antoine LeCoultre opened a small workshop manufacturing high-quality timepieces. Years later his grandson teamed up with a Frenchman by the name of Edmond Jaeger and the rest is history. Today these elegant watches with their consummate movements sell for $5,000 and up… a true luxury item.

Oftentimes when making a purchase of this sort, the buyer would like some sort of customization to make it a one-off item. Adding that certain singular quality to the watch…

JLC agrees and is now offering the chance to do so from your living room couch via the Internet with their Reverso model and this website. The aptly named Reverso is known for its flip-around case, and now the backside can be enhanced with engravings, enamel work or jewel settings. The only limit is your imagination…and of course your checkbook.