Sweet in Saint Lucia – Hotel Chocolat

I’m going to practice some chemistry today and combine two of my favorite things. The first ingredient is that wonderful tidbit of edible decadence otherwise known as chocolate. The second item is a location – a wonderful isle in the Caribbean called Saint Lucia.

Let me introduce you to The Hotel Chocolat.

This newly opened boutique resort is located on the Rabot Estate near Soufriere on the southwest side of the island. This chocolate producing estate has roots back to the mid-1700s and has been renovated by the new owners.

Accommodations on the estate consist of stand-alone cottages, my favorite being the larger Cocoa Pod Luxe with King-size beds, open sky forest showers and verandahs with spectacular views of the twin Pitons. All of the expected top-shelf amenities are present as well.

On the activity front, water-based fun such as sailing, diving, kayaking and swimming are all available. For those with an affinity for the land you can try hiking, island exploration or maybe a zip-line ride. If you are in the mood for relaxation, visit the nearby beach or hang at the resort for a spa treatment or a day of lounging at the infinity edge pool.

The highly rated Boucan Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner highlighting local ingredients. Don’t be surprised if you see some cacao on the ingredient list!

Relaxing and intimate with first-class service and amenities, the Hotel Chocolat adds up to one sweet vacation destination!