Sweet Sounds! Rockport Technologies’ new Avior

Those of you audiophile music geeks such as me have likely heard of Rockport Technologies, the renowned speaker manufacturer based in Rockport, Maine. For the non-geeks out there, let me make an introduction…

Andrew Payor, Founder and Designer for the company, burst onto the audiophile scene in the early 90s with highly acclaimed phonograph products. His next step was a move into speaker design, which he has done with tremendous results. Several speaker models over the years have garnered widespread acclaim from the audio press.

Payor’s latest speaker creation is the Avior, described as a three-way, four driver design. The single midrange and dual bass drivers have a new carbon-fiber fabric cone for high performance and ultra-low distortion levels. The speaker compliment is rounded out by an impressive beryllium-dome tweeter for the high frequencies. Frequency response is rated by Rockport at 25 Hz to 30 kHz, +/- 3dB.

Each speaker is 46.5” in height, 15” wide and 24.5” deep and weighs in at 220 pounds. Fit and finish is of heirloom quality.

As for the sound..? Paired with the proper electronics, you will be blown away by what you hear… simply amazing!

Pricing for the Avior is set at $29,500.00 per pair.