BMW Announces Pricing for X1, M5, M6 and 6-Series Gran Coupe

In a virtual extravaganza of announcements at the New York International Auto Show, BMW has revealed the MSRP for several upcoming models .
Let’s begin with the ultra-high performance models from BMW’s Motorsport division.  Their wolf in sheep’s clothing version of the 5-Series sedan will start at $90,695.  This is a 2013 model year vehicle and should hit showrooms in September of this year.  This new F10 version of the M5 shows about a 5% increase in price over the previous generation.

The other M-division monster, the two-door M6 will precede the M5 cars to America and should show up in mid-June.  The coupe will retail at $106,995 and the convertible will be a tick up the scale at $113,995. 
Another version of the 6-Series, the luxurious 4-door Gran Coupe (pictured above) goes on sale mid-summer with the 640i starting at $76,895, followed by the more powerful 650i at $87,395 and a four-wheel drive version at $90,395.

In the small sport-ute category or as BMW calls it – SAV – their new X1 arrives on our shores for the first time starting at $31,545 for the rear wheel drive 4-cylinder model and topping at $39,345 for the four-wheel drive 6-cylinder version.