Boulder 3050 – Worlds Best Amplifier

The world of high-end audio amplifiers is a bit like expensive Cabernet Sauvignons…your favorite depends on your singular tastes.  For amplifiers, this includes not only your “ear”, but also the ancillary gear in the stereo as well as style of music you listen to.  Even the room acoustics play a role.

Boulder Amplifiers, Inc. produced their first stereo amplifier in the early 80s.  Founder Jeff Nelson has been at it ever since, pushing the electronics envelope and advancing his state-of-the-art.  The 3050 Mono Power Amplifier is the culmination of those years of work. 
These monsters are engineered to the hilt.  Advances in virtually every area of circuitry including their new “99H” gain stage take the performance to new heights.  You want power?  How does 1,500 watts continuous output with a peak of 6,000 sound?  Staggering..! 

Even the aesthetics of these amplifiers are impressive.  Custom machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, the 3050s are definite audiophile eye candy.  They also happen to weigh 380 lbs. apiece and are shipped with a specially designed granite and stainless steel platform.
So here is my bottom line:  In the world of cost-no-object amplifiers, there are several brands that make contenders – Vitus, Tenor, Gryphon and MBL come to mind.  These new Boulder 3050 Mono Amplifiers definitely deserve to be placed in the same category.  If you are in the market for the ultimate sound, give these an audition.

By the way, a pair will set you back a cool $195,000.