BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept

The BMW 3-Series Coupe is dead… no more… kaput..!  

There is good news however!  The iconic two-door is still around.  The powers that be at BMW’s Munich headquarters have decided to do a +1 to the name.  It is now the 4-Series, and by the look of this lightly disguised concept, it should be a beauty!

Few details of the upcoming production version have been made official, but here is what I can tell you:              

The new 4-Series Coupe (BMW’s chassis code is F32) is slightly longer, wider and lower than the previous generation (E92) car, and is expected to be a few pounds lighter on the scale.  Power should come in the form of a turbocharged 4-cylindar mill (seen in other BMW models) in the 428 and a turbocharged 6-cylindar in the 435.  However, rumors persist on the net of an updated turbo 6-cylinder engine and a naming change to 440. 

The exterior changes between the concept shown here and the production version will likely be limited to different and simplified front and rear fascias as well as different wheel designs.  Overall the design works well, although I have a gripe with what BMW calls the “Air Breather”.  This refers to the aperture behind the front wheels… or should I call it a wart?  While it is indeed an aerodynamically functional vent, it will take some getting used to.

The interior looks to carry over the design of the new 3-Series sedan, which I like.  Surface detailing is a bit overwrought in the Concept car, but available options in the production car should be quite tasteful.  The ergonomic layout is will done.

Availability is likely to begin late summer of next year as a 2014 model.  Pricing has not been released, but expect an approximate $3,000 increase over a similarly equipped 3-Series sedan.