Tick-Tock… The Hermès Apple Watch

French luxury goods manufacturer Hermès has been around since 1837.  That’s a lot of time to make a boatload of fine products.  But never one like this.
The Hermès Apple Watch

Horology may never be the same.  Clever marketing folks that they are, the Cupertino-based powerhouse had to cover the fashionista crowd to, quite frankly, sell more watches.  Will this gambit work?
The Apple engineers designed a custom watch face to mimic Hermès designs.  Then Hermès craftsmen supplied a selection of three handmade French leather bands.  You have the single tour – a simple leather strap available in brown or black.  Then there is the double tour – it wraps around twice (pictured).  Lastly is the cuff, which is equestrian inspired. 

Uh… snazzy…
In stores this October, your new timepiece will set you back a tidy $1,500.00. 

What time is it..?