Barbuda Belle = Caribbean Beach Paradise

Today I am thinking of relaxation, privacy, isolation…  and one of the best soft sand beaches extant.

Sound intriguing?

Come along with me to the eastern Caribbean, specifically the 60 square miles of Barbuda. 

No, I didn’t say “Bermuda”…
Close to Antigua, Barbuda takes a bit of time to reach.  A puddle jumper from Antiqua will do the trick.  From the airport you will hop a speedboat to whisk you to the somewhat uninhabited northern tip of the island, known as Cedar Point. 

Welcome to Barbuda Belle
The true definition of a boutique hotel, Barbuda Belle has a whopping six beachside bungalows.  Take my word for it, you will be away from the madding crowds.  Furnished in a plush yet rustic style, the bungalows are not only comfortable but even have Wi-Fi, if you absolutely positively must stay connected.  I think you might toss the tablet into the ocean and simply laze on your private balcony enjoying the endless views of surf, sand and sea.  You are also provided a cell phone, with which to… well… order things! 

Relaxed yet?
You do get to eat there as well.  The Mangrove restaurant serves breakfast and dinner, with a skilled French chef at the helm.  Lunch is catered to you on the beach, or wherever you might specify.  Daytime activities include hiking, bird-watching, kayaking and perhaps a stint aboard a catamaran on the ocean.
If a quiet beach getaway is your thing, look no further.  Barbuda Belle is highly recommended.