W&P Design Carry-On Cocktail Kit – Flying Right..!

For the cocktail connoisseur among you, what do you do when you are at 38,000 feet? 

Let’s face it, an adult beverage made by a flight attendant qualifies as generic at best.  That Bloody Mary will surely leave something to be desired…

No worries folks, the team at W&P Design has come to the rescue with their Carry-On Cocktail Kit!
Now you can be your own mixologist while blasting through the clouds at warp speed.  5 kits are available, covering various tastes…

·         Old Fashioned

·         Gin & Tonic

·         Moscow Mule

·         Champagne Cocktail

·         Bloody Mary

Each kit contains ingredients for two beverages. 
If you are on a long flight and have a spirited thirst, you may want to bring along multiples.  The Travel Pack will do that for you.  A canvas and leather bag, it holds three kits and comes with one each of the Mule, Gin & Tonic and Old Fashioned.  The kits are individually priced at $24.00, and the Travel Pack w/3 kits goes for $90.00. 

Now your taste buds are sure to enjoy the flight…

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