SVS’s New 16-Ultra Subwoofers – The Monster of Subs

Yep, these things are monsters!  More on that in a bit…

Youngstown Ohio’s SVS has been crafting subwoofers since 1998.  Various models have gained critical acclaim over the years, and deservedly so.  Top shelf engineering, a powerful yet articulate sound and value pricing are all part of the equation.  You are getting excellent “boom” for your buck.

SVS’s best, the Ultra Series, has consisted of three models built around a 13” driver in sealed and ported designs.  While these 13” Ultras are all excellent performers, the tinkerers at SVS couldn’t leave well-enough alone.
Enter the monsters…!

In their quest for the ultimate subwoofer, SVS has now introduced the SB16-Ultra and the PB16-Ultra.  You are looking at a 16” driver controlled by an 8” edge-wound voice coil and powered by 1,500 continuous watts (5,000+ peak) from a hybrid Class D amp mated to MOSFET output devices.  Pile on with built-in DSP processing for digital control and customization, and you get one amazing sounding subwoofer.  Pinpoint accuracy, powerful and lightning quick transients, utter lack of distortion and tremendous amounts of available sonic energy have all been achieved.  Both models will dive well below 20 Hz, so the lowest of lows are faithfully reproduced.
Did you say app..?

Indeed, an app is available for both Apple and Android devices.  The 16-Ultra app lets you dial up adjustments to Phase alignment, polarity, room gain, a parametric EQ and more, and will store custom presets.  Nice…!  And if you happen to be the only person on the planet without a smartphone or tablet, you can use the handy-dandy front control panel. 
At this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I was privy to a fine demonstration of the 16-Ultra subs in a full home theater SVS rig.  Despite the obvious limitations of running this system in a hotel room, the sonics were top shelf, and it is easy for me to highly recommend these subs!

Now your choice comes down to sealed (SB) or ported (PB) enclosures.  SVS has a comprehensive comparison at this link, but I will give you a quick synopsis.  If you are dealing with a smaller room, or use your system for both music and movies, I would lean toward the sealed enclosure.  A larger room with more of a movie bias points you to the ported sub. 
MSRP is $1,999.99 for the SB16-Ultra and $2,499.99 for the PB16-Ultra.  The “boom for the buck” stays true to the SVS philosophy.  These subs are over the top in sound quality and capability at their respective price points.  One listen will make you a believer…!


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