The World’s Most Expensive Pizza Lives in NY

New Yorkers have a reputation for doing everything big.  Pushing the limits, raising the bar, yada-yada…
It turns out that pizza is apparently included in this mindset. 

Let’s head to New York’s South Street Seaport, just down from the Brooklyn Bridge, and stop in at the bustling and stylish restaurant Industry Kitchen.  Inspired by the wealthy folks buzzing about the nearby Financial District, Executive Chef Braulio Bunay has created what he terms “the epitome of decadence”, in the form of a pizza pie named the “24K”.
We all love pizza, right…?

And now for the toppings…  France supplies the Foie gras and truffles, England sends over the stilton cheese, gold leaf glitter (I’m not joking) comes from Ecuador and the ubiquitous Ossetra caviar (Caspian Sea) tops of this ultimate indulgence. 
You will have to plan your hunger carefully, as this big-buck pie requires a 48-hour advanced order.  And don’t forget to bring your platinum card.  The fee for this hedonistic delight?


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