Fox Knives’ Sommelier Saber – Awesome Cork Popper!

You’ve all seen it in the movies, or perhaps at a celebratory event.  The highly-trained Sommelier or other somewhat loopy individual using a saber to open a bottle of champagne.  It looks impressive and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

You want to try it at home?

Of course you do!  The first step is to acquire the blade.  Italy’s Fox Knives, maker of fine sport and military blades, has just the ticket, er, steel.  Part number FX2006, their Sommelier Saber is one beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  Forged from T5MOV stainless steel and sporting a stunning hand-crafted handle, the Sciabola del Sommelier is a true showpiece.  Fox Knives sells it with a proper wooden display case to complete the package. 
Once the saber is acquired, not to mention the bottle of bubbly, how exactly does one attempt the art of Sabrage?

I recommend a visit to the fine folks at Bon Appétit and their instructional video presented by Patrick Cappiello, Wine Director at Pearl & Ash in NYC.  The Connoisseur recommends great care in your attempts…

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