Manhattan - The Drinker’s Drink

The Manhattan was supposedly invented in the late 1800s at the Manhattan Club in New York City. There was a political event held at the bar for which a special cocktail was requested from the bartender, which became a hit. Of course, this story varies depending on your source.

The recipe also has variations, depending on your taste preferences, but here is a good guideline to start…

· 2 oz Whiskey - rye, bourbon or Canadian
· ½ oz Sweet Vermouth
· Dash of Bitters
· Maraschino Cherry

Combine whiskey and sweet vermouth in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass and garnish with the maraschino cherry. You may also serve on the rocks.

A couple of popular variations are the Brandy Manhattan and the Scotch Manhattan, in which they replace the Whiskey.

Give it a try and find out if you appreciate the true “Drinker’s Drink”.