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Welcome to Connoisseur Corner - Luxe Consulting and Executive Services

Marty Feldmann, The Connoisseur, is the highly sought after consultant who assists businesses and individual clients with the acquisition of the finer things life has to offer. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway to wine country, selecting audio equipment to outfit your home, planning your dream vacation or purchasing your ultimate transportation, Marty is your personal connection to the good life…

Marty can be contacted at: 916.952.9529


JOCHEN70 – Luggage for your Classic Car

If you happen to own a vintage sports car, or even some of the modern ones for that matter, you surely will notice that trunk space can be somewhat abbreviated. Never fear, as JOCHEN70 has you covered!

The company’s founders, Andreas Braunbock and Heinz Swoboda, both classic car fanatics realized a need for the owners of these vehicles and moved to fill the niche. Pairing with the Lucy D design firm in Vienna, they have created products that will “optimize the little space available in the classic car boot or trunk, while simultaneously offering its owners suitably sophisticated luggage“.

High quality design, materials and craftsmanship are definitely a hallmark of these products. The color of the stripe is completely customizable per your request. Maybe to match the color of your Jaguar E-type..?

Have luggage, will travel..! Fire up that engine and hit the road…

Tequila Reserva de los Gonzalez Anejo

I am going to put this one in the “hard to find but worth the effort” category. Especially for those anéjo tequila lovers out there.

I have talked at length on tequila in the past. If you need a quick tequila primer, click here.

As for the Gonzalez Anejo, it just so happens that the sons of Don Julio Gonzalez are responsible. If you are even a moderate tequila fan you have surely heard of Don Julio tequila. The family has been crafting fine tequilas for a long time. Eduardo and Francisco Gonzalez (the sons) craft Tequila Reserva de los Gonzalez as a sort of family history or tribute. In their words…

“Only with time, knowledge, and recognition, we transform the nectars of the Blue Agave into the most exclusive Tequila to share with you. In this bottle is our history, Reserva de los Gonzalez…”

Unfortunately that “hard to find…” label comes in to play. Your best bet may be to locate a good tequila vendor on your next trip south of the border. If you just want a sample, track down a top shelf tequila bar such as Tommy’s in San Francisco. Your efforts will be well rewarded – this is one fine tequila!

Flexjet Goes to the Olympics

Fractional jet ownership company Flexjet has a deal for the well-healed and oft-travelling sports enthusiast.

What exactly does this card do for you? Let me start with the Flexjet basics – 25 hours of flight time on their fleet of Learjet, Challenger and Bombardier aircraft. As for the “Olympic Gold Edition” perk…

· Three nights’ accommodation at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver.
· Dining at Vancouver’s best restaurants.
· Onsite personal concierge including Olympic-certified ground transportation.
· Entry for two to the Closing Ceremony as well as the Figure Skating Gala Exhibition, Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal game and three Short-track Speed Skating Gold Medal races.
· Access to a medal-winning athlete including a behind the scenes look at the Winter Games.

The Olympic portion of the purchase runs from February 26th through March 1st of 2010. Price for the Gold Edition 25 Jet Card..? $122,900

Availability is extremely limited so move fast.


Browne Trading Co – The Seafood Source

If you enjoy cooking and/or eating seafood, continue reading. If not, go watch some Simpson’s reruns on DVD…

Let’s get right to it today… after all, it is the holiday season and everyone is busy. Time is of the essence!

The answer to the question of where to get reliably fresh and high quality seafood is Browne Trading Company. Located in Portland, Maine, the family owned business happens to supply several high end chefs/restaurants across the country including Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud. Think of it as your own personal recommendation as these guys know their seafood.

Simply give Browne Trading Company a call toll free at 800-944-7848 for the latest availability and market pricing. Then have it shipped overnight to your door. You can browse their website for examples of fresh American seafood, international seafood and a great selection of shellfish. Other items available from their website include smoked products, caviar and various specialty items.

Great products, great customer service… you simply cannot go wrong. Highly recommended!


LED Television... Not Exactly

Today I want to take the time to discuss a bit of a pet peeve of mine…

Have you noticed the rash of television commercials and print ads lately touting “LED TVs”..? Rather makes it sound like these televisions tout some brand new crazy view-screen technology. I am here to tell you that this is simply not quite the case.

These televisions are LCDs.

Liquid Crystal Display… The same screen technology you may have been looking at for lord knows how long. It’s all about the marketing with these guys.

Now for the good part…

There are actually LEDs present in these sets. You see, an LCD screen needs a source of light, and that is precisely what the LEDs have been adopted to do. The advantages here depend on how the set is being engineered. The simplest implementation of using LED lighting is that manufacturers can make the LCD TVs very thin by using the lights around the edge of the screen. Not a big deal if you ask me.

The other and more impressive utilization places a panel of lights directly behind the LCD screen. This allows manufactures to employ a local area dimming technology which has the benefits of improving contrast as well as black level (dark scene detail) compared to other LCD televisions. Both of these improvements help LCD TVs compare more favorably with plasma televisions, as contrast and black level have been weaknesses for quite some time.

There you have it folks – the real meaning behind “LED TV”. Now you can watch TV in peace… Happy viewing!


T-Vine Cellars 2006 Frediani Vineyard Syrah

Sexy, voluptuous, seductive…

Maybe not adjectives you would normally pair with a Syrah, but in this case they apply.

This wine’s story begins with T-Vine Cellars proprietor and winemaker Greg Brown. His previous existence as a corporate banker came to an abrupt end upon attending a grape crush at Cain Cellars. You might say the light bulb came on and Greg left the banking world for the call of the vine.

After a time working in the industry Greg decided to try his hand at making his own wine and T-Vine was born. He started with Grenache and has since expanded to the above mentioned Syrah, Petit Sirah, Cabernet and the occasional Merlot, all in small production quantities.

Syrah, Syrah…

The 2006 Syrah is absolutely luscious. This inky-purple wine has loads of dark stone fruit balanced deftly with oak, spice and vanilla notes and a velvety texture. This would pair well with a hearty stew, peppery steak, spicy pizza or other meat dishes that have a touch of heat. On the other hand it is so approachable that you could pair it with darn near anything. Just be sure to savor what you are eating and drinking…

Highly recommended..!


Project Orca Megayacht

Yes, a megayacht would be one big boat..!

But what is an Orca..?

Does the term Killer Whale ring a bell? Fast and sleek with characteristic black and white markings, these impressive animals were no doubt the inspiration for the UK-based Michael Leach Design firm in putting this creation together.

Measuring in at 96 meters – that would be 315 feet – the Project Orca is currently under construction at the famed Blohm + Voss shipyards in Germany with an expected delivery of late spring 2010.

The megayacht will come complete with bespoke handmade furniture from Silverlining as well as two custom built limousine tenders from Cougar Marine to get the owner to shore for the occasional night on the town. This is what I would call traveling the seven seas in style..!


2011 BMW 5-Series Revealed

BMW’s next generation 5-series, the sixth in its history, has been unwrapped.

The F10, as it is known inside factory walls, looks to use more conventional styling cues than the current car – an apparent attempt at reducing any design controversy. Family resemblances to the recently updated 3-series as well as the top dog 7-series can be detected and overall the car looks properly sporting, as a BMW sedan should. Slight increases in length and width accompany a longer wheelbase which will surely equate to a roomier cabin.

The top-of-the-heap 550i will pack a turbocharged V8 producing 407 horsepower, but also look for the turbocharged inline 6 cylinder in the 535 as well as a diesel option. An all-new eight-speed transmission will get the power from those engines to the rear wheels or possibly all four, as BMW’s X-drive all-wheel drive will be available.

The 5er’s public debut will be at the LA Auto Show next month and the car will go on sale after the first of the year.


Hindenburg Beer Breaks Record

Let’s just call it the most expensive bottle of beer in the world.

Nearly $17,000..!

Not like the beer is that good. In fact, beer this old is essentially undrinkable. The money was paid strictly for the historic value.

Six bottles were salvaged from the wreckage of the German airship Hindenburg after it crashed on May 6th, 1937 at Lakehurst, New Jersey. One bottle was given to the Lowenbrau factory where it currently resides. The second was sold at this Henry Aldridge and Sons auction in England. You can view the online auction catalog here, showing many other items of memorabilia from the disaster.

The whereabouts of the other four bottles remain a mystery.

Tsar Nicoulai – Cali Caviar Goes Green

Can you say “sturgeon farm”?

With a four acre hydroponics pond and an aqua-farming system to raise their fish, the folks at Tsar Nicoulai Caviar are known for their sustainable practices, not to mention their world class caviar and roe products.

Founded in 1978 by Mats and Dafne Engstrom, the company developed their proprietary tank farming techniques with the help of the good folks at the University of California Davis. The impetus behind this creation was that the world was quite frankly running out of sturgeon due to over-fishing.

"What’s a sturgeon..?"

No, not the guy at the hospital that operates on you. It’s a rather large species of fish with prehistoric origins that has been the main source of caviar for decades. Salmon roe is also commonly used.

Now let’s talk quality… Just how good are the various products from Tsar Nicoulai? Suffice it to say that superstar chefs Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck and Michael Mina all use Tsar Nicoulai caviar at their restaurants. If that doesn’t convince you, then I guess you will just have to try some yourself. You won’t be disappointed..!