Oh no..! I have Audiophile disease..!

Let me answer your question regarding what an audiophile is. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction”. We will let that apply to stereo music, surround music and even home theater audio.

And now for the part about how I contracted this disease. There are two basic causes often considered the usual suspects in lowering one’s immune system. One is a passionate love of music – the other, a passionate love of movies. In my case I have a third problem, in that as a musician, my ears think they have to hear music sound as it does when played live. It’s a curse, I tell you!

Some of the lesser symptoms to appear are the hoarding of CDs while always trying to find new music with that special something, or maybe rearranging speakers to obtain the perfect stereo image. Then there’s the need to “tweak” the system, including the swapping of power cables or speaker cables, the various CD treatments and even anti-vibration tactics. The worst and certainly most expensive symptom is the upgrading of gear: CD players, speakers, amplifiers and the like, to find that magical synergistic combination.

Of course, with a lot of time, energy, $$$ and that just right vodka martini, you can find that elusive audio nirvana. Unfortunately that feeling of satisfaction is guaranteed to dissipate over time and then the cycle starts all over again. “Honey, where are all my CDs..?”