Godzilla on Four Wheels

I have three letters for all you car enthusiasts and monster fans out there: GT-R

In 1969, the first generation of Nissan’s Skyline GT-R (Gran Turismo Racer) appeared. It was essentially a sport tuned version of the Skyline sedan, to help show Nissans racing heritage. Over the years the car achieved cult status as it evolved into a two-door 4 wheel drive model used in racing as well as sold for the street. The GT-R drew raves from the international automotive press as it held its own against the Porsches and Ferraris of the day, earning the nickname “Godzilla”. Yet in all this time Nissan never brought this monster to the States…

Until now!

The Nissan GT-R – the Skyline name is no longer associated with it – will hit our shores this spring. Powered by a twin turbo V6 generating 473 horsepower and sporting Nissan’s latest ultra high tech four -wheel drive, the car is reported to scoot to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Timed laps at Germany’s famous Nurburgring road course have it eclipsing the pace of cars such as Porsche’s 997 Turbo.

And now for the really amazing part: You get supercar performance and technology in what should be a reliable package for a comparative steal at $66,675. Remember, this car will apparently out-perform the $128,000 Porsche Turbo, not to mention several far more expensive automobiles from Ferrari et al. That’s what the Connoisseur calls excellent bang for the buck!

Undoubtedly for the first several months of availability, you won’t be able to acquire a GT-R for anywhere near list price, but be patient, all you thrifty speed demons out there. The initial insanity will fade and the price will come down to normal. Then you can drive your own Godzilla!