Entry-Level Ferrari F149 to Debut in Paris?

“Plausible deniability…”

For months Ferrari personnel have denied rumors that a small, entry-level car was under development.

Despite their insistence, it appears as though this car will soon break cover, with the school of thought being a debut at the Paris Auto Show in October.

Can you say Dino?

Well, they might not use this storied name, but we wouldn’t bet against it. The project currently goes by F149 to Ferrari insiders.

This new Ferrari built car (the original Dino wasn’t actually badged a Ferrari) is slated to come in below the $190,000 sticker of the F430, their current least expensive model. We’re guessing in the $170,000 range.

And now for some juicy details…

The car will be powered by a new 4.3 liter V8 with direct gasoline injection (better fuel efficiency) mounted in a front engine configuration. You will also get a 2+2 seating configuration and…the really good part…

A folding steel hardtop!

This car should be a dandy! Stay tuned here for details as they come available and get that checkbook ready…