Armani Chocolates – Armani Pens

Clothing, fashion, perfume, televisions and roller skates… Is nothing off limits to Giorgio Armani..?

Apparently not…

Let’s visit the world of gourmet chocolates as well as designer pens.

The Armani chocolates are a line of dark, milk or white chocolate pralines in different flavors using only what is described as the “world’s best cacao”. These are available from Armani Dolci stores located in Milan, Hong Kong, Dubai and elsewhere. Other available items include exotic flavored bars of chocolate as well as chocolate covered almonds.

As for the pens, Armani is teaming up with pen maker Tibaldi – yes, they’re Italian as well – to produce a line of fine writing instruments. They will be available in fountain, rollerball and ballpoint versions. However, you may want to move quickly, as only 190 copies of each style will be made.

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