Absolut Los Angeles

Swedish vodka producer Absolut has released the second in a series of limited edition city-themed vodkas…

Inspired by the healthy lifestyle and eating habits of the LA fitness culture, Absolut Los Angeles is flavored with all-natural blueberry, acai berry, acerola cherry and pomegranate.

Our tasting notes indicate powerful aromas of fruit previewing rich flavors on the palate but finishing in a rather delicate manner. This vodka works well over ice, but would certainly have possibilities for mixed drinks as well.

Absolut Los Angeles follows up the release in 2007 of Absolut New Orleans, which mixed infusions of mango and black pepper. A great majority of the proceeds from the sales of these vodkas will go to charities from each municipality.

Votes are currently being accepted for nomination of the third city, so be sure to go online and submit your choice, all the while sipping from a glass of LA on the rocks..!