Mötley Crüe Does Vinyl

80s hard rock stalwart Mötley Crüe has decided their fans may be feeling a bit nostalgic. And why not, with their recently released CD Saints of Los Angeles doing well on the charts.

Does anyone remember vinyl..?

Records? Albums? LPs?

In the interest of old school, the band has decided to issue a boxed set of its complete library on vinyl in a leather-bound box with gold leaf lettering. The collection, named Journals of the Damned, will be a limited release with only 500 copies being produced. Each set will be numbered and also includes a lithograph of the band personally signed by each member. Place your order now…before it’s too late..!

In case the 80’s are a bit hazy in the memory banks, here is the complete Crüe discography included in the set…

· Too Fast For Love (1981)
· Shout at the Devil (1983)
· Theatre of Pain (1985)
· Girls, Girls, Girls (1987)
· Dr. Feelgood (1989)
· Saints of Los Angeles (2008)