Wilson Audio’s Alexandria…World’s Best Speaker?

In the early 80s after a lifelong passion for all things audiophile, Dave Wilson constructed a state-of-the-art modular loudspeaker out of his home. Shortly afterward he sold several pairs of these speakers (named WAMM) and Wilson Audio has been non-stop ever since.

After years of new speaker models and improvements to existing designs, Dave put his entire breadth of knowledge into a flagship design, the Alexandria X-2, which hit the market in 2003 and garnered the highest of praise from the audiophile community.

Here we are five years later, and Mr. Wilson has figured out how to kick it up a notch – to make his ultimate speaker even more so. Say hello to the Alexandria X-2 series 2..! Improvements to the midrange speakers, tweeter and crossover yield even more realism to the sonic picture.

Standing nearly 6’ tall and with a twelve step paint and finish process comparable to only the finest automobile manufacturers, the Alexandrias are truly something to behold. Fortunately, as are all Wilson Audio products, these speakers are delivered, installed and adjusted by your retailer.

As for the sound..? Provided the listening environment and associated electronics are up to snuff, we guarantee your jaw will hit the floor. These speakers are THAT good..! If you are truly in the market for a no-holds barred audio system, put the Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2 series 2 on your short list.

Current retail price - $158,000 per pair