Recommended: Plasma Televisions

Hey, have you heard the joke about the…

Oh, nevermind… Let’s get down to business.

The topic du jour is that flat-panel wonder, the plasma television. You know the technology – tens of thousands of tiny cells filled with a mixture of gases, wedged between two plates of glass and charged by tiny electrodes to emit light.


In a recent blog we talked about the differences between the two major players in the flat-panel TV battle. You may have decided on Plasma over LCD, but aren’t sure where to go from there. Luckily, the choice is pretty simple from here on out…

In the category of “no-holds-barred, best image possible regardless of price”, there is only one choice: Pioneer Elite Kuro. These televisions have the absolute best picture quality of any plasma on the market. Colors, black-level, video processing…you name it and they do it right. The Elite line has the benefit of a more tweakable image control set as compared to the non-Elite models. Make an appointment for an ISF trained technician to stop by and wait till you see the results..!

And for the category of “really good for the money, but I want to put the rest of my cash toward a weekend getaway at the coast”, let me introduce the Panasonic Viera line of plasma TVs. Check out their lower priced models in the 42”, 46” and 50” sizes. They should fit the bill for under 2K and look pretty nice doing it. The image and technology isn’t quite up to Kuro standards, but they come reasonably close and we are sure you will be pleased.

There you have it, one for the discerning videophile and one for the casual viewer. Both are Connoisseur Recommended..! Remember it’s a buyer’s market right now, so get out there, do some bartering and pick up that plasma..!