The Art of Tasting Notes

Have you noticed that descriptions written of wine - wine tasting notes - have become somewhat of an art form, bordering on the absurd..? Wine critics seem to be in a competition to outdo one another with more creative and oftentimes befuddling adjectives.

This entertaining trend certainly started many years ago, but gained momentum from the movie Sideways with actor Paul Giamatti proclaiming hints of “roasted asparagus and nutty Edam cheese” in the glass of wine he had just sampled. Of course he had a completely straight face all the while…hilarious!

I must admit to falling into this trap once, when at a Petite Sirah tasting, I ran across a glass that had a somewhat musty, cellar-ish essence. I blurted out the first vision that popped into my head…”damp kitchen rag”! I have since learned to keep an edit button handy when tasting wines.

Unfortunately it has now become a twisted habit of mine, conjuring the most obscure descriptive that I can. Do you have any favorites that have tickled the funny-bone? Maybe something read online or in a magazine? Feel free to chime in and share any gems you have seen…

Happy tasting..!