Great Grilling Gadgets

Summer is here, and the time is right…

…for grilling!

Like all manner of culinary exercises, you need to have the right tools for the job. Today we want to share a couple of items that make running your temple of backyard barbeque all that much easier.

The first item is what you might call a “new and improved” grill pan from the good folks at Williams-Sonoma. Constructed of a heavy-gauge stainless-steel mesh, the pan has a removable lid for easy access to ingredients – this feature won us over. A 12” diameter and plenty of depth add to the versatility of this utensil. Highly recommended..! If you prefer, Williams-Sonoma also has a shallower grill-top fry pan as well as a flexible grill basket.

As for the other item, we recommend heading directly to your nearest home improvement warehouse store. Once there, head directly for the welding supplies…


Welder’s gloves. Fire and heat…no problem. With a pair of these protecting your hands you can move around the grates, tinker with the rotisserie or anything you need to do without concern for the burn. Get yourself a pair and keep them handy by the grill. Your hands will be happy!