Sony’s Wireless 3G E-Readers

Following the lead of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader – you know those little computer screen book thingies? – Sony has jumped into the fray with 3 models of their own.

The baby of the group is the Reader Pocket Edition. Sporting a 5-inch screen and available in multiple colors, the Pocket Edition retails for $199 and is available now.

Next up in the family is their mid-level Reader Touch Edition. This aptly named model comes with a 6-inch touch screen, allowing you to turn pages or highlight text with the swipe of a finger. It does include a stylus pen should your finger be broken. Available in silver, black or red, the Touch sells for $299 green ones. Currently available.

The grand-daddy of the bunch is the Reader Daily Edition with its 7-inch screen and 3G wireless capability courtesy of AT&T’s broadband network. This gives you access to books, newspapers and magazines no matter your location – almost… (Just like a cell phone, people) All with no monthly fees for the connectivity. It also has USB connection as well as memory card expansion slots. Retail price is set at $399, but the Daily won’t be in stores until December of this year.

Overall we feel the Sony models will give the Kindle a run for the money with their competitive feature sets and price points. Don’t you just love a good competition..?