Post Ranch Inn – A Big Sur Beauty

Looking for that intimate, luxurious getaway to the beautiful California coast? I have just the place…

First opened in 1992 and with a recent expansion, this resort remains one of my favorite hideaways…perfect for that long weekend to relax and recharge.

Built on ranch property owned by several generations of the Post family, this luxurious resort features stunning organic architecture. The natural beauty of the land is represented in the design and materials of the resort itself. Accommodations consist of 39 guest rooms, each with a unique layout highlighting ocean or mountain views. Two private houses are available as well should you require larger quarters.

Amenities at the resort include a world class Spa with the usual menu of services, available either in room or at the Spa facilities. One unexpected service for the adventurous: a session with a Shaman to “help create physical, mental and emotional well-being.” Foodies are covered at the Inn as well. Helmed by Executive Chef Craig von Foerster, the gourmet Sierra Mar restaurant has won accolades from around the world for its epicurean delights.

Swimming facilities include three pools. Two are described as basking pools – essentially large hot-tubs - and the third is the more standard size “swimming” variety. Other activities at the resort include morning yoga sessions, meditation, guided hikes, stargazing with the supplied telescope and occasional cooking classes hosted by Chef Foerster.

A classic getaway, the Post Ranch Inn truly is a Big Sur Beauty! Relaxation guaranteed…


Thanks for the great post on Post Ranch Inn! The view from that image posted looks amazing. I was also intrigued by their spa services (http://www.postranchinn.com/spa/) since they offer so many unique options (Shaman sessions, etc).

Hello Debbie-
I am glad you found the article helpful. The Post Ranch Inn is an amazing resort! A great combination of luxury and artful design along with that eco-rustic vibe. As for the spa, they most certainly offer a wide variety of services, standard and "eclectic", and get consistently good marks for their work. All-in-all a highly recommended destination for some relaxation and recharging. If I may be of further assistance, feel free to contact me as needed.
Best regards,