Acura NSX Concept at Detroit Auto Show

Acura’s original NSX sent shock waves through the sportscar world when it hit the market in 1990. Combining Acura’s reliability with Ferrari-esque performance at about half the price, the NSX sent the Italians scrambling.

Ending production in 2005, we have since been teased by the folks at Acura with several concepts and hints of a new NSX. Introduced this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the latest NSX Concept appears to finally be approaching production form!

And now for some details…

The new NSX will continue the history of a mid-mounted V6 engine, but it will be augmented by three electric motors. Yes, this is going to be a hybrid supercar! Acura’s SH-AWD will be used in its latest incarnation along with the gasoline V6 to provide what Acura describes as “supercar acceleration” along with the efficiency of a hybrid. Handling should be stellar as Acura engineers are keeping overall weight to a minimum.

Look for the new NSX to get to market in the 2015 timeframe. I can’t wait..!