Ridley Scott Returns with Prometheus

I have a vivid recollection of the little critter bursting forth from this poor fellow’s chest..!

(More on this in a moment)

Ridley Scott, one of the better film directors around, is returning this June with his latest work…


You may know of Mr. Scott from some of his previous films. Science fiction classics Alien (the above reference) and Blade Runner, along with other genres such as Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, Black Hawk Down and American Gangster have all garnered acclaim from critics and the public alike. You may get the idea that this guy is pretty talented.

This latest movie tells of a team of explorers looking for clues to the origins of man. Thus the name, as in Greek mythology Prometheus played a pivotal role in the early days of mankind.

While there are some tie-ins with the Alien movie, this story apparently takes its own direction with a timeline prior to that film. With Ridley Scott at the helm, this has the makings of the next great Sci-fi epic!

Prometheus is due in theaters on June 8th. My calendar is already marked!