Shastra Steak Knife – A Cut Above

If you are a devoted connoisseur of a fine steak, you know doubt have a good appreciation of a proper steak knife.  I’m talking an extra sharp, luxury steak knife.

Let me introduce the Shastra Steak Knife

Blades of the Gods, a company in Bali, is blending 1100 years of Balinese blacksmithing tradition with modern craftsmanship to produce these works of art, that happen to be able to slice beef at your whim. 

These heirloom quality steak knives have a carbonized steel edged Damascus blade with 161 layers of iron, manganese steel and pure nickel.  The hilt is ebony with white sterling silver trim and balance.  Overall knife length comes in at 9.4 inches.  The set of eight knives comes in a box of Indian rosewood covered with fine black calk skin.  Priced at $9150.00 for the set, you will be the envy of carnivores everywhere..!


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