Tag Heuer Connected – The Android Watch Answer…

Smartwatches have certainly had their share of press lately and they are likely to be one of the hottest Christmas gifts of the year.  Of course Apple has been leading the trend.  You may recall my recent blog on the Hermès Apple Watch.  But now…

Google fights back..!

In partnership with Intel and revered watch maker Tag Heuer, Google brings us the Tag Heuer Connected. 
Designed after Tag’s Carrera racing style watch, the Connected is everything you would expect from this company, and then some.  Material and production standards such as sapphire crystal, titanium casings and water resistance are present.  Now go Android techie and add in a 240ppi resolution screen, 4 GB of onboard storage, 1 GB of RAM and plenty of battery power.  Three Tag Heuer-styled digital watch faces are present, with more on the way. 

But of course..!  With Android and even iOS compatibility, you have your pick.  Directional wind and weather monitoring, Google Fit, Tag’s RaceChrono Pro capability.  There are literally thousands of apps to choose from. 

Available now online and in stores, the Tag Heuer Connected can be yours for $1,500.00. 
Do you have the time..?