The Devon Works Darth Vader Wristwatch

The Star Wars merchandise machine is barreling along at full… force!

Yet another example of this hype monster comes to us from the fine watchmakers at Devon Works.  Introducing the limited-edition Darth Vader wristwatch…!

If you happen to be a Star Wars junkie with horological tendencies, this is the watch for you.  Included in the design esthetic you will find the Imperial Crest, a TIE Fighter wing, and even a reference to Lord Vader’s helmet.

The watch itself is constructed from 350 individual parts including 4 time belts, 4 micro-step motors and 313 electrical contacts.  All parts are said to be aerospace grade.  You’ll need that for your interstellar travels.
Each watch comes in a TIE Fighter box and includes a pair of TIE Fighter cufflinks!  Only 500 copies of this dark side timepiece will be produced.  A cool $28,500 will secure your copy.

May the watch be with you…